Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Can you hear that?

The tick, tick, ticking of the clock? That is my deadline making its presence known. Atleast I can say I am down to 8. Could be the 8 that kill me, but still.

Ok, we are all worrying about my neighborhood, Pam C. lives in a really nice neighborhood and while she was at the doctor's, her house got broken into. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? How totally crappy. AND the rotten bastards took all of her electronics. TVs, Laptops, stereos etc. What a freaking drag.

We have TAKS testing tomorrow which means my whole day is shot. I need to make a gazillion calls to get more info to write the final 8. sigh.

In the meantime, Saturday I met with Elisabeth, graphic artist who is working on the Book. She did some work on the tombstones and they, at least I think, are done.

So, weird part, I put the files online so that she can access the spreads and try to work on some design improvement. Great right? I've now gotten two emails from her about proofreading. I want to reach through the internet and smack the crap out of her. Stop reading and do the freaking work.

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