Friday, March 21, 2008

Oh, back to Friday and what have I done

This week I have kept myself out of jail. (That should count for something).

I went with a friend to the doctor's so that she wouldn't have to sit there alone. (Good friend points since I appear to have reduced inventory in that category).

I went to see my friend Pam ( she is looking fabulous). She was the first to finish proofing -Go Pam. I have to say I had no idea there were so many hyphens in the world. I knew there were many commas that were under appreciated, but hyphens, good heavens.

I have managed to do all of Pam's corrections, and I have worked on some of the other copy.

I have also done laundry. But that, is that, as they say. I'm a little disappointed that I haven't accomplished more. Oh well.

I also had my house cleaned for the last time (professionally that is). Let's have a moment of silence to mourn the passing of my home being cleaned regularly. Let's face it; it is going to be a little more slip shod now that I'm back in charge.

That's all I got.

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