Monday, October 6, 2008

The netti pot

Exhibit A:
Many people extol the virtues of the netti pot, perhaps you have used it yourself. I can only say that I have no such love affair.

In fact, I feel a little like Olivia the netti pot virgin. Only I don't feel like it is coming out of my eyes, I know it comes out my nose, sometimes hours later, when I forget that there is a subterranean lake of salt water in my head and bend over to pick something up. "Oh," I say, "please excuse the salt water POURING OUT OF MY FREAKING NOSE." How can I possibly have that much salt water left in my nose without sloshing when I walk??

As I write, I am thinking to myself. I am getting congested. Would I rather snort the nose stuff that will dry my nose out possibly causing nose bleeds when my addiction becomes too much for the thin membrane in my snoz or would I rather snort a cup of salt water and have it pour out of me hours later. Not an easy choice I say.

AND whenever I discuss congestion, sinus headache, antehistemines, decongestants or anything else some sorry bastard is always suggesting the stupid netti pot. . . And the worst part, I'll use it again and again always thinking THIS time it won't be a problem, I'll blow my nose until all the water is out. Oh, the foolish naivete of the desperate young

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