Thursday, October 16, 2008

The book from Hell

So, my friend Vickie at the Jostens Plant in Topeka, Kansas lovingly wrapped up the first book off the press to send to me. Isn't it beautiful? Doesn't the coffee table book look amazing on the coffee table? I thought you might enjoy seeing it opened to one of the spreads. Isn't it pretty? oooohhhhhhh I say pppprrreeeettttttyyyyy. Little did I know that part of her excitement was because she had a special note for me to read. Not a note, so much as a poem. How is that? How many people get books delivered with poems? I told Tread I'm expecting a poem from him when this year's book arrives. He told me fat chance. Actually, I have a better chance getting a poem from John (He worked with the girls this summer and fall coming up with ideas and such for designing). He's artsy, but could it equal this poem ? I say no.

So, without further ado the poem from Vickie:

Here it is the book from hell.
But of course you know it all too well,
We have printed it, reprinted it, and printed it again.
It was so much fun, but certainly not part of the plan.

It has 21 tip-ins all inserted with love
And trimmed to perfection and watched from above.
While it is nearing the end, it is not quite done.
I just wanted you to be first since from you it has come.

All your blood, sweart and tears all rolled up into one
The most fabulous book under the sun.
Here's a hint for the very next time
You even consider doing this or taking one single dime.

Don't go there my friend,t he cost is too heavy
It would have probably been easier to make a Chevy.
Write a novel, a kids book or just take notes
Or better yet, go on vacation and take a boat.

But whatever you do don't call me.
I will be in Hawaii or just having tea.
Either way it goes, this book on the table,
Will be a constant reminder of how we were able

To risk it all and still keep our cool
An ending up with a book that is beautiful.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing the book! Now go take a nap and don't take anything else on. I triple dog dare you not to take anything else on.