Monday, October 6, 2008


I had only planned on posting a wee bit tonight, but I can't stop myself. Every time I post the next thing I check it online to see how it looks. I'll be damned if my sister hasn't posted a comment. Now I have to keep going to see if she is still reading. Ya, sure I could call and ask her, but that isn't anywhere near as much fun.

It's like slug bug. We enjoy playing this game immensely. In fact, I have found no one else that enjoys it as much as we do. Occasionally I can rope people into investing slight energy in the game, but no one does it with as much gusto and joie de vive as my sister, Fran and I. Did I mention that we don't live in the same city? (I have to add she has an unfair advantage since she lives in Austin where all the tree hugging, liberal vw loving hippies that don't live in San Francisco live).

At any rate, back on topic, we recently upped the ante and now we have to come up with adjectives for our colors. So today, for instance, I received texts that read, cherry red, blue m&m, blackberry, cafe au lait. Plus she spotted a couple while we were talking that I can't even remember. I'm having a hard time keeping up in the gas guzzling, hummer driving, egocentric, money loving center of Dallas.

Where did I start with this? Oh, yeah, the game. It's about the love of the game. Can I blog longer than she can read? (I doubt it. The girl has endurance.) Will I run out of things to say before my eyes wear out and start to glaze over (Already starting to glaze.) Will my legs catch fire from the heat of the stupid laptop before I reach the end of this post? (Possibly not, but I am seriously sweating.) Will my congested nose send me to the extreme of using the stupid netti pot BEFORE I finish all of my posting possibly causing a short when I lean in too close to the computer screen forcing the salt water to come pouring out of my nose? (Pretty good chance. Hard to tell though.)

I still have a little more fight in me. Onward to the next post.

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  1. I'm ROFLMAO so hard I'm WYP. Not my pants mind you. Your pants.

    Oh - and thanks for encouraging me to blog. :)