Monday, October 20, 2008

Books, books everywhere

So, I have sooo many boxes of books it is not even funny. Sunday I decided to start going through the boxes and figure out what books I could bear to part with and what books I could figured could sit out and about. First, arrow A points to Buddy's butt. Lovely sight, I know. B. empty boxes. I managed to find four or five. C. The high stack of boxes that remains because I have a whole lot of books any way I look at it. D. The many colors I have contemplated but not chosen for the dining room. Although the whole reason I took the stupid picture was to show the books on the stool and may I add under the stool. On grandmama's dresser several books . . . underneath the nightstand a stack of books with the flower Aunt Wendy painted, oh, and the stupid clock that I love but can't get the back open to change the time . . . The many Biblical books and some feng shui (they don't exactly go together) . . . a little Byron for light reading . . . Some books under the lamp and, if you look closer, then you can see even more on the corner cabinet. . . a whole set of books by what is now the guest bed . . . a few books the book club will be reading this year. . . close to the TV in an effort to get myself to read instead of watch TV. . . Books on either side of the mantle place mirror . . . and a few by the front door. And do you know what? THERE ARE STILL 14 BOXES OF BOOKS LEFT . . . Grrrr.

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  1. I think you should put at least one book in a zip lock baggie in the toilet tank. And maybe bury another in the yard. And...I think you could tuck one into the lining underneath your sofa. Oh wait! I've lost track of the purpose of this exercise.