Monday, October 6, 2008

Don't you watch animal planet??

Tonight is the night I decided to get caught up on ye olde blog site. As I have been writing I have also been watching. This evenings entertainment was Chuck. A fairly stupid comedy that I find highly amusing. At any rate, at one point a new manager of a store is having trouble keeping the troops in line. He is asked, "Don't you watch animal planet? Find the wounded gazelle and pounce." Made me think of teaching.

Some days, I love my job. They keep me young. I have a good time. I couldn't imagine a better job. And as a reader of Mrs. G's blog, I say to all of you that allow me to teach your children. Thanks. They make me laugh.

Other days, I wish you would keep the little beasts home. So, here are five reasons why the children gave me wrinkles today as I cursed them and wished them home with their parents where they could torture the ones who made them rather than me.

5. "Sally, please take this list and start calling the parents immediately reading this little speech I've written up for you to read." An hour later when the next class starts I go to the pad where I instructed Sally to write the names of each parent she calls, their number and what happened. Any guesses as to how many people she called? . . . that's right one hour, one call.

4. "Becky, I need you to continue calling parents from where Sally left off." Walk by her five minutes later, "Becky, I meant now." "Yes, ma'am," she says. Twenty minutes later I walk by and she is checking off sheets that kids have been turning in. "Sally, why aren't you calling?" "Well, I thought I should check off the sheets." "Why Sally? When I very clearly told you what I needed you to do? Did it even occur to you to discuss that you felt you should do something other than what I specifically asked?" No response, deer in headlights look only. Sigh.

3. "June, I need you to take this list to Mrs. K and leave it with her to check to see if she knows any of these kids." "May I take it on my way to 2nd period?" "Absolutely, no problem." I amble by Mrs. K's desk an hour and a half later . . . No list, no where. Why me, Lord?

2. Student walks into my office holding a very nice digital rebel camera. "Hi Perkins, I found this camera by a chair, do you want it?" Only if I get to shove it up the nose of the little twirp who couldn't be bothered to hang on to it for more than 15 minutes.

1. I could give more, but the number one reason why they were killing me is because this all happened before THIRD period . . . before 10 am. It is a miracle I don't keep a flask in my desk.

Maybe tomorrow I'll have five reasons why the little buggers charm me. Not today, my friends, not today.

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  1. On the bright side, they go home. Not your home. Someone else's home. You can go home and have a netti experience in private. At least the dogs don't laugh and tell their friends all about it.