Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gotta make it

I'm sitting here working on the Angus Wynne copy going through my notes. There is a cartoon that his son described to me that seems very appropriate for me at the moment too.

I've been working on this book, it seems like forever, and I've pretty much been giving the end of the year as my deadline. I'm going past that, but I also know I have a little wiggle room as far as finishing the book, but getting it to press by the first of March.

Ok, so there's this rabbit running along as fast as he can with a fox right on his tail, teeth showing and tongue hanging out.

They pass a guy sitting on a fence, and he calls out to the rabbit--

"Hey, rabbit, you think you gonna make it?"

The rabbit calls back - "Make it? Man, I GOTTA make it!"

Think of me as the rabbit . . .

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