Monday, December 31, 2007

Day 13 of the liquid diet

OK, there are 187 million different types of drinks in this world, but once you take away the alcohol, caffeine and carbonation, I swear you are down to about 10. However, I am definitely getting a lot more vitamins than I was before.

Yesterday I was completely unable to write, so I grabbed my friend Kristen and off we went to check out so areas of Dallas that I've been writing about. We went to the Bishop's Art District (Jim Lake), Winnetka Heights (Stemmons) and Wynnewood (Angus Wynne).

Came back home and worked diligently, although I still don't have enough for Wynne. Gotta keep working on that. Of course I'm fighting a pretty strong HGTV addiction at the same time! sigh.

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