Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pictures from San Francisco

I just had to look at the pictures on my camera to realize that a. I haven't downloaded any pictures or deleted any off the camera in over a month which mean b. I really haven't been keeping up with the little things in quite some time. I'm lucky I remember to wipe my butt from the looks of things. So, first and foremost, how about some pictures from my many adventures? I say yes!

So, first, my San Francisco trip. Annette got a photo of GK and me. We went to downtown San Fran the first day and walked around China Town etc.

We had dinner at a place called Max's. GK's credit card has Tinkerbell on it. Annette held it so that I could snap a photo because he has this theory that women are like Tinkerbell. Very cute, very loving, until you make us mad, and then you better look out. Poor man, might be a little scarred from his marriage. We went to Santa Cruz with a friend of Annettes and Alexander. Alexander, GK and I did a little Bumper Car Boogie that afternoon. GK was a total sweetheart because I told him I yearned to go to Heartz Castle, not realizing how freaking far away it was from his house. The place is very cool. It had a beautiful swimming pool. Made me want to have another pool. A little bit. I also took a bunch of photos of plants and trees that I want in my yard. I really want a big honking Lemon Tree.

We had to ride a bus up to the top. In front of me sat one of the most annoying children. It was, "mama" this and "mama" that. I wanted to choke the oxygen out of his little lungs. (By that point, I might have been a little stressed from other factors.

I don't remember where we were when we pulled out of a gas station and saw the "Max for Mayor" banner. Cracked me up. I thought it was a pretty good slogan.

I did not get any photos of us rollerskating. Let me rephrase that. Annette, her friend and I rollerskated. GK felt he would be wise to stay on the sidelines. It was really a lot of fun. It is now on my list to do in Dallas, especially since I actually have my own indoor roller skates.

As another update, I thought I'd mention GK now has a house about six blocks from the old house. He is getting settled in and I think the kids are grooving on the idea of having a calm place to go away from the stress of their mother.

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