Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Everything I need to know

So, Mary Beth, who loves me dearly, sent me a copy of the book Everything I need to know I learned from other women that I whined about mentioned wanting in an earlier post, and I'm really enjoying it. As it turns out there is a section on the importance of friendship. Women are a source of strength for each other and when we get busy sometimes are friendships are the first thing to go even though we should be vigilant in caring for them.

I know that most friendships have lifespans if you will. We meet and become friends because of work or children or some such, but then the friendships end because of one circumstance or another changing. I like to think that even the short lived friendships serve a purpose, and we both get something from the friendship.

In that spirit, today I had the first "Journalism teachers get together". It was a lot of fun. There were six of us. It was nice just to sit around and talk and enjoy each other's company. I'm hoping we can keep meeting once a month and form a support network for each other.

I'll have to mind my times because I left a little after six but the traffic was horrible. I'm lucky Sabrina and Buddy didn't start eating the side of the house.


  1. Disposable friends? Interesting concept.

  2. Interesting concept, indeed. Don't think that is what I said or meant to say, but intriguing even that you read that in it. hmmmm