Saturday, September 6, 2008

4 day weeks are sooo long

How does it always work out that the short weeks drag on for forever? First, I was a beast of burden last weekend. I dug up 3 bushes and a tree from the back yard. I boxed up a bunch of books in the tv room so that I could lay down my new area rug that I had purchased at Garden Ridge. As my lovely mother pointed out, "It's probably not as nice as you'd like, but knowing your dogs, it could be your best option." Good point.

I don't know if Garden Ridge is all over the country but that is a big freaking store full of a whole lotta stuff. A person could get lost in there for days, and I do mean DAYS looking around at all of their stuff. I kept myself fairly well under control, picked out the area rug and high tailed it out of there.

By the time Monday was over, I was really tired . . . and then the work week began.

Tuesday was open house, so obviously that didn't help anything. I was at school for about 14 hours with a small break to run home and feed the dogs.

Wednesday I watched the Republican National Convention and Ms. Sarah Palin giving her speech. Now, I want to go on record as saying when I heard she was chosen, my first thought was "game on." I think we are now going to have a real race on our hands. Both sides have a mass appeal.

On another note, my favorite moment was when her five year old daughter licked her hand from top to bottom and then started wiping the babies hair down. Yum.

My second favorite moment? When she made the joke about hockey mom's. "What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick." My students assure me it is true.

Thursday, I went to dinner with my friend, Helen, and then we went to her freshman son's football game. It was fun, although there was the most obnoxious parent at the game. He yelled the entire time (even when his son wasn't playing). What an idiot. I got home after nine from that which may not seem late to many, but I was already tired . . .

And then Friday. Got to school, worked all day (barely, I'll admit, but I was mostly vertical.) went home, took care of the dogs, back to school for the football game and then the Howdy Dance. The dance was fun although we had a record number of students caught drinking. Shortly after I arrived there were maybe 8 kids in the gym, 4 of them had been drinking. Heeelllloooo, if you are going to drink and go to a dance, at least wait until there is a crowd you can hide behind!

This morning I am at the high school with the ads managers who are working to get their ad done to mail them to the plant. I can't find my keys anywhere which worries me quite a bit especially because I really thought I had put them in the car. Not sure what I'll do if they are really gone. We have to leave by 3pm, which will pretty well shoot today to shit. sigh.

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