Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lost in Blog Land

So, I have a gazillion things to do including writing the stupid Leadership Lens newsletter (which I'm trying to get done by Friday), critiquing four yearbooks (which needs to be done by next Friday and is totally time consuming), mailing all of the stuff I had to collect from people back to them for The Book, plus a whole host of other stuff that needs to be done. I have been wandering through blog land reading other peoples blogs and, in general, amusing myself at other people's follies.

Geez. Why do I torture myself in this fashion??? In addition, I have a ton of photos etc that I keep meaning to post on my own ding dong blog, but I haven't because, and this is actually good, when I get home I have been working tirelessly on the yard, walking the dogs, cleaning etc.

That then brings me back to Mrs. G's blog that I love so much trying to figure out how in the hell she has time to blog so often!! Yikes. I do not know how she does it. I do love that her blog is up for the best humorous blog award. I didn't even know there WERE blog awards, but if anyone should be recognized for wit and sheer reading pleasure of the blog, it should be Mrs. G. So, cheers to Mrs. G, and although in real life you drink less than your blog world, I drink more, so I'll be tipping one back to you later tonight. I'd do it now, but the public education system gets so cranky about teachers drinking during the day. sigh.

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  1. And cheers to you sister! Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday, and leaving a precious comment.

    Love you!!!