Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No Boobs in School

This is too good not to post immediately. The spring is a fun time in my world. We are finishing up the current yearbook and starting ad sales (parents buy ads to tell their kids they are loved. Total scam, I get it, but we make lots of money and the ads pay for all of our equipment.)

About 15 minutes ago, a mother with her two small children came in to do an ad for her graduating senior. Don't even think how much of her life is being spent chasing children. Yikes. The baby was crying and being annoying. So she pulled out her boob and started breast feeding. The ads manager is 15 and NOW SCARRED FOR LIFE. I don't care if it is natural or part of life or anything else, a 15 year old should not have to see that up close and personal in school.

I guess next year at the ads meeting when I tell parents the do's and don'ts I need to add please don't breast feed in front of the children. Really?????

OK, so my sis who just went on a hospital tour with her expecting daughter said she picked up a card (like a business card of sorts) that said "Thank you for making it okay to breast fed in public. Women shouldn't have to find a private place to nurse." WHAT?? Yes, they should. No, we shouldn't have to see it. What is this world coming to? Find a blanket. Cover up. Don't make us a part of your freaking beautiful moment. Geez.

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