Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dating and insanity are a bad mix

I am in an awful funk. First, allow me to say I have been messing around with girl issues for the last two months, and they are wearing me down. Second, I am having terrible sinus pain, I probably have a sinus infection, and sleep is an issue.

I got a new Iphone app which is very cool called Sleep Cycle. Now, the point is that you set the alarm and it wakes you within 30 minutes of the time at the point it is least offensive to your system to hear the alarm. It also has a graphing property that shows when you are in which stage of sleep. Looking at my sleep chart, it is obvious that a. I sleep like crap and b. the dogs wake me in the middle of the night or at the crack of dawn every single night.

So, last night was the first night of return to kennel time. Best part? Since the dogs were in the kennels, Cat decided to make a return to sleeping with me, so he kept jumping on the damn bed and trying to sleep with me.

As you might imagine, these things are making me slightly insane. Dating. Oh, how I hate dating.
Sure, I give myself lots of opportunities to analyze myself and try to figure stuff out.

For instance, I know nothing about the male species. I teach a roomful of girls all day long. My brother was out of the house by about the time I turned 6, and I have two sisters. Boys baffle me. One of my students suggested I get a book For Women Only. I read it. Very interesting. Men are strange creatures. So, then I got For Men Only (I actually feel better that I identified with so much of what was written. I am not crazy, ok, not totally crazy, and I am not alone!)

I have now been up to the lake with Mr. Potential twice. Both times very lovely. Do I feel confident about this relationship? Not at all. Honestly, I am fully prepared to never hear from him again each time we depart each other's company.

Basically, I am filling my time, doing my thing and trying really hard to not think about him or us too much so that I don't flip out and get skitzy. And, I think, wow, it really shouldn't be this way, but I think there is a pretty good chance as long as I am one of the players, it is this way. Know what I mean?

Honestly, I am not sure if I know how, let alone am capable of just relaxing and enjoying myself. Total Nutjob.

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