Friday, February 8, 2013

Work Smarter not harder

Blondie and I attended a tech convention/fair in Austin this week. We flew down Wednesday morning, and we'll fly back today. It was great for a couple of reasons.
1. It's good when we can spend some time together outside of the confines of school. I truly enjoy her company, and it was really nice to get to talk.

2. We are working on a couple of really big projects and there is NO time during the average day to get to talk about what we want to do and what our vision is for the project.

3. We each had a list of things we wanted do (meeting with vendors about products we are using/issues we are having: adobe, safari, skyward). So, we did. We tracked the people down that we needed, got the info we were after and problem solved a bunch of stuff. I basically parked myself at the adobe booth for Wednesday as they taught different sessions. They weren't advanced enough for me to learn a ton, but I picked some tidbit up at each one, so it was good.

I'm also really glad that we will be home this afternoon because it will give me my weekend to get all the stuff done at home that I need to be doing.

The downside is that being out of school for 3 days when there are just NO subs around means I had to use subs I didn't know. Subs. Because I  couldn't find one person for 3 days. Wednesday's sub was fine. Thursday's sub was a nightmare. Total Nightmare. She wouldn't let them in the office, she wouldn't let them take attendance. What a mess. So, it's been arranged for a different sub for my class today. I am praying it will go better.

In the meantime, I need to remember to work smarter not harder more often!!

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