Thursday, February 14, 2013

Will I ever catch up?

Right now, I am thinking no. It is hopeless. People always ask how the yearbook is going. This year, I can say that the girls are fantastic, and they are doing an awesome job. That is not to say that they don't, from time to time, fail to work as instructed, or go off the reservation without telling me, but after many years of this I can say they are a fantastic group.

In the meantime, the list of things I am supposed to be working on is growing expotentially. Literally, I can't catch up. I had another teacher make a snide remark about how all I do  is send emails and answer the phone. To a great extent that is correct. I am paid about the same as a  secretary (Ok, they may make more.) and a lot of my work is that of a secretary. It's a little demoralizing at times, but there it is. If I could hire a secretary then I could focus on all of the other stuff...maybe even how to be a better teacher. Such crazy talk.

But I digress. We have formed a "website steering committee" to see if we can get the kids involved and taking ownership of the crap ass website/iphone app that our journalism department updates. Of course that is a whole nother story of shit that pisses me off. So, working on that, working on designing next year's book, working on ads for next year and choosing staff for next year, and no we aren't done with this year. Kinda a hectic time for me.

And we won't even go into The Boys riding my ass about The Book which isn't even due out until August. They are going to give me heartburn.

I probably should not get myself all torqued up in the morning. I should go back to checking stuff off my list. OK. Gonna do that.

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