Sunday, September 16, 2012

Living in total squalor. Total. Squalor.

It's actually impressive. There are bits and pieces of  recently destroyed toys all over the place. Gracie, it turns out, although utterly adorable. Potties inside. A lot. Thank God I have laminated floors. They are being put to the test. It's tiresome. I adore her. But it is tiresome. How do you teach a four year old dog to NOT potty indoors? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.

The kitchen is a total disaster. There is food that has just plain gone bad in the fridge, but I can't throw it out until trash day. Trash day is Friday. That's a long time from now, especially because it partly depends on my remembering to throw the bad food out.

I could be cleaning right now. Instead I'm sitting on the comfy chair with Gracie draped across me watching TV. Not doing anything worthwhile. Just watching TV. I'm gonna regret this later. I'm sure of it.

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