Sunday, December 25, 2011

Convo with parents"

"Honey will you let me know when you won't be here for dinner?" my mother asks sweetly.

"Sure, I say."


"Hey, I won't be here Thursday evening."

Mom stares at me blankly.

"I'm going out with Randy and Diana."

"Oh, so you're going to be too smashed to come home?"

What the FUCK? Are you kidding me?

"Uh, no. Didn't you ask me to let you know when I wouldn't be here for dinner? What would possess you to say that to me?"
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"Well, I didn't know."


I come into the kitchen and mom and dad have just finished a fish dinner. I make a sandwich as I loath fish.

Mom says, "I thought you weren't going to be here tonight."

"No, that's tomorrow night. Thursday. And I wrote it on the you asked me to do."

"Oh, I got confused."

Sigh. Yes, I see that.

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