Friday, May 21, 2010

Yearbook delivery day 1

I woke up Thursday morning mildly panic and wide-eyed. Through the night I had woken myself up thinking about the things I had failed to do in a more timely manner to get ready for yearbook delivery day to seniors. My brain was a chuggin'. So, as I raced through laying lunch out, finding clothes, putting on make-up, I thought to myself that I needed to remember to take my antibiotic from the plague I had just recovered from last week. So, I saw the prescription bottle and popped a pill.

"Huh," I said. "I thought the pills were bigger and yellow." So, I peered in the container. Sure enough, they were all white. Then I looked in the mirrored cabinet and I thought, that prescription container looks more like the one I thought this was. So, I looked closer...I had just taken a Hydrocodone. (Don't judge, my throat hurt really badly last week and every time I did the stupid netty pot I wanted to cry. Hydrocodone can be a fine drug if taken properly. Not the case here though.)

So, I thought, well, my arms are going to be loosy goosy today, but it will be ok. Folks, let me tell you, it was NOT ok.

By 7:45am the Hydrocodone had hit. One of my editor-in-chiefs was in the room. I told her what I had done because I thought this will be a mildly amusing story and it just means I'll be a little goofy. Hours later as word spread through my classes and I fear the building that I'm an idiot who doesn't read her medicine bottles before chugging drugs, I regretted sharing that tidbit.

At any rate, I was having trouble standing. By 8:00 I had started throwing up, since I hadn't actually eaten anything yet, I was just throwing up the lining of my stomach which I would continue to throw up all day.

By 8:20 Blondie sent me down to the nurses and she watched over yearbook distribution. I came back upstairs right before 3rd since I had a class. Thank God, I had yearbook staffers sign up to pass out yearbooks because I love the photoj kids but would never trust them to not screw up the passing out of books.

I lasted about 10 minutes into third and then I went into the hallway where the yearbook couch resides during yearbook distribution and slept. That is where I stayed all day until about 3:00 when two of my girls volunteered to drive me home. Got sick again.

Make it to the car, as we are driving along, sweet child #1 looks in the rear view mirror to see sweet child #2 getting pulled over for talking on her phone. I think she might have gotten out of the ticket since she started crying immediately and I think the first words out of her mouth were I am taking my teacher home because she took a Hydrocodone by mistake. Sigh.

As we are pulling onto my street, I say to sweet child #1, "Hurry up, I'm about to be sick again." Yup.

We get in the front door, hmm, funny smell. Looks like the dogs got into the 100 calorie snacks I bought that I now believe are filled with all sorts of bad ingredients if the diarrhea all over my living room carpet is anything to go by. So, while waiting for sweet child #2 to talk her way out of the ticket, I began the cleaning up process. I don't know why I didn't take photos. I have to remember to start taking photos.

Once the girls left, I went to bed. And stayed there. All night. Didn't watch T.V. slept. Tried to watch it once or twice, woke up, turned TV on, and then realized I couldn't do it. Back to sleep.

On the upside, my yearbook staff is unbelievable. They passed out books all day. Took attendance, kept people quiet as they wandered by the semi-comatose body on the couch. I'm telling you these girls know how to rise to an occasion.

Now I have to pass our yearbooks to the rest of the school. TaTaForNow

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