Monday, December 7, 2009

1 Second

So the other day I was having a great conversation with a friend about one second. That basically if you look at your life and especially the really bad awful things that happen. They are things that happen in an instant: car wrecks, fights with best friends (the ones where something terrible is said that can't be taken back), broken bones etc.

If you add up all of those things, they don't add up to a lot of time. In reality, most of our lives are filled with mundane moments then flow together from moment to moment, mostly filled with contentment and even happiness.

I was reminded of this conversation watching the UT/Nebraska football game Saturday. Certainly Nebraska was trying to run the time out before they made there final play. . . but in the end, it was one second that made all the difference. UT got the second, and they kicked and scored.

It's probably a good thing to remember. We have a hellofa lot more happy seconds than unhappy seconds. Remind me of this next time I'm all out of sorts and cranky . . . say as we approach the dreaded 40th bday.

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