Monday, December 7, 2009

The Crayon Box

OK, so once I felt confident my house was going to really sell, then I had to get the freak busy finding a place to live.

Let me tell you, there are some crappy ass places out there being rented out. The Crayon box was the best of the lot. More expensive, but built in 2002 with a great bathtub. (It's good to stay focused on the important stuff in life.)

Quick disclaimer: I had the camera on the wrong setting so all of the photos are a little blurry. Worry not about that, focus on the colors. It is like a clown threw up in this place.

First, lavender my friend. This entire room is lavender. For the boys, translate this as light purple.
The downstairs has a red wall. Not deep red. Not gorgeous red. RED, like clown red.
Master bedroom? I can only describe as Microsoft Blue . . .and peek your eye in that bathroom. . .yes, yes it is LIME green.

The best part for me? When I asked about painting, the property management company said the owner wanted to approve the colors. As IF it were possible to do worse. She has let me know twice since that the owner wants to have her take pictures so that he can see it. Whatever.

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  1. Elizabeth, haven't we learned..............NEVER hit the delete button! You can erase all kinds of things, pictures, work stuff, a book you're writing!...............Couldn't let that one pass, sorry..............No action across the street, no sign of the new owner. But then, it's N Circle so I'm not home much.