Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I know you are yearning

Dying to see the new digs? Sure, the empty crayon box was a vision, but surely as you looked you thought, how in the holy hell is she gonna get her crap in there?? Trust me, you weren't the only one wondering that. And if you weren't wondering that, well, obviously, you just don't know me well enough to know that without a doubt you should be wondering that. (You might also remember that I downsized the LAST time I moved but I had great storage.) Now, I've downsized AGAIN but no storage.

I'll get a picture, but the front of the house is butt ugly. The garage is in the front and it just isn't pretty. Once you walk in there is a short hall to the guest bathroom and the utility closet on the left, the stairwell to the right, and you look ahead to the kitchen and living room.
I have to tell you, the fridge is actually complicated. There is a whole touch system on the door to adjust all sorts of stuff. Way more complicated than my fluids and condiments need.

The "dining room" I use that term loosely just fits a wee table and the china cabinet. Please note, the wall is no longer red.

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