Monday, March 16, 2009

In the midst of the fab vaca. . .

I got to have a moment of sadness. I brought my laptop with me, because although I am not an ubergeek, I am a bit attached to my chit which includes the laptop.

So, I got on to Facebook yesterday and saw a coworker/friend who I sent a note to about the fact I would know if he didn't accept my friend request and my feelings would be hurt if he didn't.

Turns out we are not only not friends (possibly in any sense of the word) but that he has been holding in some hurt/anger for a while himself.

His response was "Feelings hurt like when I found out that you, Ms. X and two administrators sat around over cocktails and discussed my personal life? Yeah, I'm not near as forgiving.." (The coworker and two administrators are friends and we meet once a month after school to chat and hang out and such. So, it was really just a group of girls shooting the chit.)

I really respect and like this guy, so it makes me really sad that he has been feeling this way. I realize now that he has been letting me know something was wrong, and I just haven't been clued in enough to realize it.

I do NOT remember the conversation of which he speaks AT ALL. Makes it harder to even respond because I don't have any recollection. My response to him was to apologize, say I didn't remember it but that I would imagine that I said I didn't know and didn't care, and apologize again. )

Cause really I don't know ANYTHING about his personal life, so I can't imagine the conversation lasted long. In addition, I would imagine we were going through a host of people asking generic questions. . . certainly not with any intent to harm. . .

Then, I think about how does he even know? Was someone there who over heard and then went back to him? Why? What would that person gain? Was it one of the people I was with that went back to him? Again, why? It makes ME sad.

Lesson? (Cause I know there is one.) 1. Don't say anything you aren't ok having be said to the person's face. (I know I didn't say anything mean spirited or with intent to harm because I really like this guy, so the truth is I'm ok with whatever I said, although I'm sorry he was hurt.) 2. Be a lot more careful about speaking in public? Be a lot more careful about talking to my friends? (perhaps they aren't my friends?)

Oh, and the most important. Don't gossip. That one's a killer. Probably gonna get nailed on that one a couple more times before I totally take this one to heart. (Painful but true.)

OK, now that I have that off my chest, back to my vacation.

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  1. Ugh. This kind of crap is going around at Corporate Behemoth right now, with ugly consequences. You've made peace and purged your system - yay! Now, enjoy your vacation to the fullest. I'm totally living vicariously through you and Daisy.