Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Things begin to fall apart

Overnight train to Paris. Can we say nightmare? Thank heavens ACIS purchased 6 tickets for every four people, so that meant only 4 of use shared a "couchette" sleeping car rather than the 6 that is possible. It really isn't possible because there is no room for more than 4. I have photos but will have to post those later. At anyrate, one of the boys had a bunch of bites when we arrived in Paris if that gives you any idea of the sitution. I once had a dream to take AMTRAK to CAlifornia or something and have a romantic train ride. I am totally over that now. In addition the train was 2 hours late getting in. OH, and we had trouble working the beds and I was leaning down trying to get one to lift when one of the girls managed to jerk it up and it nailed my chin. I didn't realize how much I sit with my chin in my hand until my chin was bruised . . .

We took the bus tour of Paris in the morning. Lovely then went to Versaille. It was great but it would have been much better had all of the people not been there. Oh the horror of the stupid crowds. They make me crazy. At the end I was walking down the marble stairs when my feet slipped out from under me and took a crash landing down some stairs. Hurt like a mother. Bruised my derriere, left arm and ego.

This morning we did the Louvre - great. But the bike tour this afternoon which is totally my favorite thing is going on without me. I'm actually sitting at the bike tour place typing as they are off seeing the city. What a bummer. But I did not want to spend a couple of hours on a bike and make it worse right before getting on an airplane.

Oh, and we all thought our flight out of here was at 9:30 or something. Noooo, 7 something. So we have the so much fun 3:45am wake-up call. The kids are funny. They are obviously tired . . . they don't want to do anything after dinner. They are all asking to just go back to the hotel after dinner.

I am out of money . . . (So no more shopping, but with only a couple of hours left it is ok)

I miss everyone. I am totally ready to be home and sleep in my own bed.

MaryBeth's big sister Sandy is organizing a girls weekend for the family - so I'll be joining them for various activities this weekend. Mon - Wed is curiculum writing at school, and I should have the pages of the book to proof when I get back. Should be busy.

Back in the USA within 30 hours or so. Can't wait.

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