Saturday, June 7, 2008


This is the first group to arrive in Greece - more to come below on that. They were darling. Of good cheer and totally understanding that things were a bit of a mess.
This is what they served last night. Tried to guilt us today about trying food . . . seriously they are nuts. I was not eating this!
The whole group at the olympic stadium built for the 1896 Olypics.
Random dog . . . actually have more pictures of the random dogs in Greece. They are just everywhere!

Ok, on to what I wrote . . .
With any luck everyone is getting Skips posts and or emails - mom don't forget to forward those bad boys. At any rate, as he mentioned, yesterday was a bit of disaster.

We got to London and we were waiting for our flight when they had "technical" problems. It required a new plane, it was a smaller plane, and their solution was to just call random names as people to have to catch a later flight. It was notes, there was a family of four they split up . . .never mind our group of 37.

So, some of us after much stress, went on to Greece, 9 (yes, including another of the chaperones) stayed behind to catch the 4:45 flight . . . which turned into the 10pm flight that arrived at 2:40am.

Today we toured greece. We went to the Parthenon, tower of wind?, archeological museum. We walked so much I almost yacked. I started to get a headache late in the day, but it was free time by then, so I was able to take a nap at the hotel. I am feeling much better now.


  1. Yeah! A European blog update! Glad to hear you are all there and starting the tour. I miss you already! Love, mbv

  2. I'm waiting for you to talk about how much you miss Deborah.....there must be a huge hole without her.....

    : )