Saturday, June 14, 2008

Can't believe it

I haven't been able to get onto stupid blogger for ages. It kept telling me that my name didn't exist. Bah.

Well, we arrived in Florence today. We are in a hotel that is very near the center of town, walking distance. That is great. There is some weird soccer match in the center of town that was cancelled last year because the year before someone died because there are no rules and it is an all out fistfight do whatever you want kind of game.

Rome was great. Two days ago I swear to you we walked 10 miles easily. It was unfreaking believable. Vatican in the morning and then all of that town in the afternoon and evening.

The kids are being pretty good. One of the boys has started getting on my last nerve. Little twirp. The rest are pretty great. No problems so far.

I am getting pretty freaking tired. 6 more days to go, 3 here, overnight train, then 3 in Paris.

On a side note: easily 3 months ago we (journalism dept ie me and scoobie) were told we had to work on curriculum. We set the dates for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of when I get back. Interestingly enough, I got an email from Scoobie saying he had church camp that week, could we change the date and he gave two options. I told him that I couldn't, sorry. Haven't heard back.

Two more side notes from school. We got a 3% pay raise (go team) and Dr. Bryce (superintendent) announced her retirement. It will probably take a year to get her replaced, but thought that was interesting.

I'll try to post again before we leave Florence. Maybe I'll have stories. When I get back I'll have to post pictures with the many stories that go with them.

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  1. Is any one monitoring you at the leather shop?!?

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