Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life can go downhill fast

So, Monday morning I showed up bright and early for curriculum writing (a beating under any circumstances, having to do it with Scoobie just makes it worse).

I was ready to kill him within the first 5 minutes. He walks in and I ask him if what he was handing me was everything we did last summer for curriculum writing. Thus ensued 15 minutes of a totally circular conversation that ended with him still not answering the yes or no question with a yes or no.

I knew the day would send one of us to the hospital, little did I realize that I would be the one going to the hospital. OH the injustice.

At any rate, I had my senior staff at school working. I got back from lunch at about 1pm, and it was not long after that I started to not feel well. By 2pm I was downstairs whining to Jane, Susan and Kathy that I thought I was dying.

Kathy immediately started saying that she thought it was gall stones. She ended up being the one taking me to the hospital and about 9 hours later after excrutiating pain for a whole lot of it, I was sent home with pain pills and directions to schedule the removal of my gall bladder.

They gave me morphine at one point that did exactly nothing!! Luckily the next round of drugs did help with the pain.

After Kathy left the hospital, then my friend, Kristen Toney came up. She got the short end of the stick since she spent most of the night with me. What a good friend!

Tuesday morning I felt a slight twinge, freaked, took the medicine and slept the rest of the freaking day. Tuesday night I went into the kitchen, dogs started fighting, tried to break them up, then I got bit. Don't know which of the little shits did it, but my right thumb hurts like a mother.

Wednesday I had a dentist appt (pre-scheduled) that left my face numb for half the day.

After harassing Dr. Davidson's office multiple times in the last 48hours, I think I have an appt for Friday morning at 9:30am to have my gall bladder removed. I actually have to wait for them to call back and confirm, but that is what it looks like currently.

In the meantime, the boys have sent me one set of corrections with a couple of things, but not too much. I'm waiting on the other set of corrections which they say has a lot of typos, but I don't know how since we've gone over it 8 million times. But, on the otherhand, I guess I'm not that surprised. Got to get that done soon too though.

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