Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Love Home Depot

This or "I love power tools" could be the title of multiple posts. Everyone was very helpful as I worked my way through the store checking on prices for counters, front doors, closet doors, curtain rods, flowers etc. Early morning is the time to go cause the only other people are the contractors!

After that I made a run to Target to get sheers for the dining room and library "to finish out the rooms". So I have the rods and the sheers. They just need to be installed. While I was there, I found a pillow that I really liked for the master bedroom. It goes with the green sofa that has faded to a dull yellow. (Don't worry Mom, I'm not doing the duvet etc just yet, but the pillow was only $15.00, so I got it.) I also got what I need to make the pool area cute - I'll have to take a photo to provide a visual. I'm going to make people salivate at the thought of owning this place. SALIVATE I tell you.

I came home with a migraine today, so I haven't accomplished anything except laundry and this post. With any luck I will be fresh for tomorrow.

My love of home improvement shows is becoming an obsession at this point, however I am starting to feel very confident about tiling the closet.

Oh, I found out today that a really good friend of mine that still lives in the 'hood (where I lived before) came home Monday to find someone had kicked in her back door, robbed her (including all of her jewelry). It makes my stomach sick to even think about it.

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