Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tues: 7:20pm

Holy crap am I tired. We traveled Sunday to Monday ... arriving in Rome after noon. The kids were troopers. I took a poll, and only one said she slept at all. The rest of us appeared to be awake for most of the first flight for sure.

I saw Argo, "Aw go fuck yourself" inappropriate but funny.

Bruce Willis hard day to die? very funny... I love a good bang bang shoot em up...

Silver lining playbook...really enjoyed it.

At any rate, we walked, and walked and walked yesterday. By Amsterdam we had a nose bleed, a barfer and a lot of exhastion... by Rome we were just moving... we saw the Coliseum and went to dinner. No one face planted in their pizza. We put that in the win column.

Today we went to the Vatican... loved it as always, but there was no time for the Vatican store which upset me. I like to get a cross each year... call it hedging my bets...

had lunch then I took a group shopping.. .yes, I got a couple of things. Couldn't help myself.

Now sitting at a cafe with Christal...sooooo glad she is the 3rd chaperone... and drining a Vodka Limone Scheppes...LOVE IT.

Dinner not tell after 8pm I may die.

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