Sunday, June 16, 2013

End of Day 7

First and foremost, I am TIRED people. We have hauled our asses through Italy...and tomorrow at the ass crack of dawn we will be getting up to head to the airport and Paris. But we won't be staying in Paris, oh no. We will be getting on a bus and riding for God knows how long out to the beaches of Dday. As I told the girls, these are not your laying on towels staring at others kind of beaches...these are the sharp jagged how did anyone survive Dday beaches.

I'm sad to be leaving Venice, because I quite love Venice...but I have to admit, I'm starting to think about Mexican food a lot and I really MISS MY DOGS. I kept asking the dog sitter to send photos... I don't know if she thought I was kidding or what... Not kidding. FINALLY she sent me my proof of life photos...
I realize it is hard to tell in these photos...but they miss me terribly. Clearly, broken up over my absence! 

We started realizing we were getting bit by mosquitos or something in has continued in Venice. Most unpleasant.

When I get home I have lots of photos I'll be posting with stories..if I can remember them.

I'm having a terrible time tryinig to blog. I can't get pictures to upload for diddly, my eyes are burning all of the time and I am feeling very old...5 days of being coherent left...then on a plane.

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