Sunday, June 9, 2013

Leaving in a couple of hours

School was out last Friday, but I've been working with next year's editors all week. I think they are pretty well on top of things, so that is good. I've been on the interview committee for the new video tech teacher which has been an interesting endeavor. One of the interviews was honestly one of the longest 45 minute periods of my life. Torture.

I've been sick for over two weeks. I finally caved and went to primacare Thursday evening. Verdict: Bronchitis. Atleast I have some good meds now.

I didn't start laundry until Friday night, and I hadn't packed diddly up to that point either. I spent all of yesterday packing and cleaning. I hardly slept last night and woke at about 5am. I continued cleaning this morning. I think I can say, this house is the cleanest it has ever been. I'm very impressed with myself. Of course if the dog watcher shows up more than 30 minutes after I leave there is NO TELLING how horrify it might be. Damn dogs.

I'll be blogging the trip inappropriately here (haha) and for the parents at

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