Saturday, May 26, 2012

What I've learned from online dating

Online dating websites... really are digital bars. Sometimes a guy will wink at a girl, and maybe she winks back. He thinks she’s cute, she thinks he’s cute. Maybe even he’ll start a conversation. They’ll chat, and see if something comes of it. Sometimes she appreciates that she was noticed, but isn’t interested. The difference here  is  everyone’s sober. Probably.

It’s hard to be a guy, even on match. I realize I’m an old fashioned girl. I had “girls don’t call guys” beaten into me. So, even on match, at least for me, guys make the first move. 

All the guys say they don’t want drama queens, all the girls say they are easy going, all the guys say they are smart, funny, and great and all the girls say they are incredibly happy. 50% of all four groups are lying.

Humans are biologically visual. The idea that we aren’t is ludicrous. The people that think they are above including a photo are delusional. And probably ugly. Haha. Kidding. Kind of. Sometimes people strike a chord in us, and sometimes they don’t. That is just the way it works. And the people that chose really odd photos of themselves, looking goofy or whatever…what are they thinking?! It’s odd.

People are contradictory. Guys say they want a girl that doesn’t care about money, then include a photo of a Mercedes. Girls say they want to be liked for their personalities and then have pictures of themselves in swimsuits.

I thought I didn’t have a clear picture of what I wanted in a guy, but I actually do. I want a guy that is confident and ok with an independent girl. I want a guy that doesn’t mind a smart girl. I want a guy that’s ok not doing anything as well as going all weekend. I don’t think of myself as a techy girl, but I work with computers all day, text all of the time, and talk on the phone pretty often; I probably need a guy that is ok with all of that. 

Grammar matters. OK, I get that I am an English teacher, but honestly, people should really proof read their work. Some of the errors I see make my eyes hurt.  

As nice as it is to get an email, the ones with declarative statements or single questions, such as anyone home?…make it really difficult to respond. Ask questions, that is my suggestion. 

And last, even online dating is a beating. There is no getting around that. 

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