Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pinterest and pallets

So, Blondie got me a invite to Pinterest which is the coolest thing on the internet. Hours and hours can be lost looking at what other people have "pinned" and marking kitchen ideas, bath ideas and various outfits that I would love to own. Early on I discovered the "pallet coffee tables" very cool. I wanted to make one desperately. AND I happen to be on the receiving end of pallets once a year when yearbooks are delivered. I began my campaign for my books to arrive on decent looking pallets in March. I must have been successful, because Vickie took no chances and actually just sent two pallets on top of the boxes of books, with a note of love and affection : )

I got a couple of boys to load my car up. The guy that drove the truck of yearbooks down poo poo'd my plan saying my car was too small. I happen to know that my little Escape rocks and had plenty of room (also I had found a pallet put out for bulk pick-up about a month earlier. I snagged it with no delay and got it home safe and sound.) So, by the end of yearbook delivery day, we had unloaded 5 pallets of yearbooks, and I was in possession of 4 pallets!!

I headed out to Home Depot and purchased wheels, and a can of stain. Then I went to work. And happy, happy, joy, joy.  I spent a couple of days basically covered in stain. Turns out I'm not all that neat with a paint brush. But, I was able to make a pallet coffee table for the patio and one for the front living room. They both made me deliriously happy.

And just because it is funny, please look closely at the picture of the outdoor pallet. Yes, those are some fine looking $20 home depot chairs, but off to the right you can see Buddy sticking his head out of the doggie door. That is actually his preferred summer activity...air conditioning the out doors. He wants to keep his eye on things, but it is way too hot to have a total outdoor experience. That dog kills me. He really does.

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