Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why we watch the Superbowl.

The commercials. Of course. Well, Hyundai opened things nicely with the "I give up" and Rocky theme response from actual employees in one of the plants.

The florists finally used what we all know. Flowers get men laid. Sure, we may not want that to be true. But we know that's why they send them, and it works often enough to keep them ever hopeful. (Whether we, as women, want that to be true or not.)

Madonna did a hell of a half time show. Of course, I love Madonna, so I might not be impartial in that assessment.

Clint Eastwood manages to inspire us even though I'd really rather have a BMW or an Audi.

Ok, the Drew Brees commercial was totally adorable.

The chevy truck surviving the apocolypse...and twinkies. Hahahahaha

I love the Volkswagon and the dog commercial. Very cute.

And, having watched the commercials online...I'm now ready for bed. Goodnight.

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