Monday, February 20, 2012

Why am I buying this house again?

The inspection was Friday. As I walked around the house, I thought about the fact I OFFERED $170,000 with the seller paying all of the costs...I am PAYING $177,500 and having to show up with over $5000 to closing. In addition, if I wanted to sell this house as is in 6 months, I couldn't get $177,500 for it if I danced around naked while it was showing...alright, sure that could devalue the whole thing, but still you know what I mean.

In fact, since the last time I saw it (I've seen it twice now.) He clearly has stopped any pretense of cleaning that MIGHT have been occurring up to this point. The whole place stinks of cat.
The carpets are disgusting. The whole place is pretty much a pit. The curtains had fur just hanging on them. The litter box is sitting in the family room where this guy clearly hangs out and right beside the kitchen. Not sure how he eats with that smell.

The inspector and the pest inspector both commented on the nastiness of it. On the plus side, they agreed that the house had excellent bones. So, two points for me for seeing beyond the nastiness to the what could be rather than what is. However, what it could be, is going to require so serious work. Really. Serious. Work.

It is going to require great thought to get the greatest bang for the buck on this deal. Cause the whole place needs an overhaul. Carpets are disgusting throughout. Kitchen is a hot mess and both bathrooms suck.

But. And this is a big BUT. There are possibilities. I just have to be really smart about all of it and pay close attention to what I am spending. hahahahaha. Seriously.

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