Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rome Day 3

Hell, I don't even know where day 2 went. If you want the blow by blow, go to skips website. This is much more random. Ok, so today we went to the coliseum. However, we have a student that came late because she was sick, so the rest of the group went to the Tivoli Garden's, and I stayed here to greet Maddie. She chose to stay in the hotel and rest, so it has been a relaxing afternoon.

It's a shame I didn't need another nap because it is a rainy day and perfect weather for the nap. Of course, that potentially makes the Tivoli Garden's (a primarily outdoor activity) a good thing to have missed today. I haven't heard yet whether it rained there too. I did manage to find a light sweater to replace my fleece which will allow me to return Kelly's sweater to her.

I'm actually enjoying afternoon tea in the hotel lobby...not the same as an old fashioned English tea, my food consists of "biscuits" I think it is some kind of fruit bread of sorts. It's ok, but it is also making my stomach hurt. Would have gone for a cosmo but he had no cranberry juice. Sigh.

Now that I've had a little tea though, I am feeling slightly sleepy.

The kids have been great. No problems there. We have to get up super early tomorrow to head to Naples and then Sorrento. Hoping we aren't having to walk too far to dinner tonight...

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