Friday, June 3, 2011

Rome Day 1

I can't get the pictures to do right: so let me just tell you. Travis corrected me when I told him he was an idiot. He is missing the embarrassment gene. He certainly does make the trip fun.

The couple kissing? Really my favorite. They start kissing and the guy grabs his camera and turns it around so that it is facing them and he could take 360 kissing shots. Not kidding. Weirdo

Last night Skip posted on his trip sight and dropped all the pictures in. We had to review the fact that I have a tendancy to take very strange pictures and perhaps the parents don't want to see some ladies' ass hanging out at the pantheon. Maybe.

Yesterday we got to see small children having total meltdowns. The photos don't do any of it justice, so I didn't include them.
For instance, what's up with the bikes this year? It would be group after group riding through the street where we were eating lunch. Best part not seen in the photo? Very large women wearing very tight pants. Such a mistake on so many levels.

Today we go to the Vatican which you might think would slow down the "what were these people thinking" photos. But actually, not so much. And yes, we did go drop coins in the Trevi's to wishes coming true!!

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