Monday, May 2, 2011


We slept till 9. It was beautiful. We went down to the hotel restaurant and got breakfast. They serve contintental , but not like European which is good. So we had fried eggs and bread. So yummy.

Manfred and Andrews came by at about 12:00 and brought CD’s (Ghana money). We had to count the money (no, I was not involved, yes, I am perfectly aware that I should never be in charge3 of counting.) It was a little bit of a comedy of errors, but we finally got it all figured out. I’m now loaded Ghana style ; ) And we talked some more about meeting the chief and what our day at the school would be like. Then we headed to the store to get more safe food for me. And Edna forgot her toothbrush. Don’t ask me what she’s been doing in the meantime in that area.

Today is a national holiday. So lots of places are closed today. The hotel’s pool is open to the public during the day, so music started BLARING from the pool speakers at about 10am. They said the music would play until about 9pm.

It seems every time we turn around, Manfred has someone new meeting us. Today Nancy a head teacher at the primary school came by the hotel.

We then headed out to a grocery store. Yours truly was running out of crackers and we all agreed we didn't want me to have stomach problems in the land of no bathrooms, let alone toilet paper.

Grocery store was an adventure. I'd already bought a ton of baby vodkas, so we got some mixers while there. Trust me, my nerves need the alcohol.

Then back to the hotel, dinner and the long awaited internet drives!! We are deliriously happy to be able to contact our loved ones back home!!

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