Monday, May 2, 2011

Life in Ghana

We have had NO internet at the hotel which totally annoys me. We are supposed to have wireless, but it isn’t working, so Edna said something to them today, and they have gone to purchase a modem for us to use. In the meantime, I have the phone international calling, text messaging and data plan, but ATT seems to be terribly confused because out of about 10 calls to them among us, about half the calls said yes, this works in Ghana and the other half say no it doesn’t. So, I could end up with a totally outrageous bill. No telling.

This is a dirty country. I mean this in several ways. Literally there is dirt everywhere. And it is that red dirt. Flies in the air, and gets on everything. They also just throw trash down. So, there is trash everywhere too. Andrea noticed, that the floors everywhere are usually tile and very clean. I guess that’s the only portion they have control over, so they want to keep things clean, but dust is everywhere.

People dress really nicely. It is weird. I mean men in suits, women in really cute clothes. They don’t even have closets near as I can tell, where do they keep the clothes? I’m taking a ton of pictures, but it is impressive. We’ve been told “traditional clothing” is being made for us to wear on Wednesday, as the photos show, their traditional garb is “bootilicious” so I’m not all that thrilled to find out how tight the clothes are going to be.

In the new hospital we were walking along and I looked up at the ceiling tiles. Bright white. All with finger prints all over them. It made me laugh. Obviously their hands were dirty when they were placed…well, either that or weird shit was going down on the ceiling.

I can’t imagine driving here. There seem to be some general rules of the road and what the strategy is for driving, but it is mad chaos. There would be pavement occasionally but then it would be dirt roads. Then there would be random bumps on the road which forces everyone to slam on their breaks to hit the bumps and then pick up speed again.

I have been so careful about what I eat that I have had no problems food wise, Thank you Jesus!

The people are beautiful. Such dark, clear skin and just handsome people. No fat people either. Occasionally a large woman but nothing like Americans, and mostly very lean.

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