Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh, the fun keeps coming

Tuesday, I got a phone call from the place keeping my storage.

Storage Dude: Ma'am have you been to your unit lately?
Me: No
Storage Dude: Well, there seems to be something seeping out of your unit. The lady with the unit next to yours said that there is seepage into her unit too.
Me: Seepage?
Storage Dude: Yes, seepage.
Me: Sigh. I'll be there today.

My first thought? Dead Body decomposing in my storage.
My second thought? I am watching way too much CSI.
Third thought? Dear Lord, Please stop now. I can't take much more.

So, I head over to the storage unit. Sure enough, when I arrive there is definitely seepage out of my unit. . . and across the floor of the hallway. Grreeeaatttt

I open the door with much trepidation. . . Good news: Not a dead body.

As it turns out, I think I had been there recently because I had to get the dog crate out of the unit. A box got put back sideways. It had a huge jug of hand soap. Thank you LORD it was at the bottom and it looks like the floor is not flat but angled towards the hallway, so I didn't ruin great amounts of belongings. I threw the box out and headed home. . . to check the contract and make sure that I wouldn't be paying to replace whatever was ruined in the next door unit. . . luckily non-toxic hand soap, not illegal. Just annoying.

Oh, and yeah, I'll be watching CSI: New York tonight cause I just can't stop myself.

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  1. I totally would have jumped to the dead body conclusion, too. Were you worried that someone was going to frame you by placing said body in your unit, and fret about finding a good attorney as you drove over? That would have been my M.O. Not that I watch too much TV or anything.