Monday, July 6, 2009

Embarrassing moments

Greeeaatttt, just had one of my editors walk in to find me crying as I wait on hold for Bank of America to decide if they are done screwing me or not.

Turns out there was an update of account sent to me, I'm certain it was a pamphlet filled with writing. Somewhere in there it said they are raising my interest rates unless I call within X number of days to complain.

Well, I missed that little cut off, I just realized that my minimum payment went up, and I didn't know why. So, they have to pull my credit report and I had to give reasons why raising my payment is a burden, and they will decide if they will return the rate to what it was.

Of course, I did a balance transfer to this account because of the rate. I, foolishly as it turns out, assumed that as long as I kept my end of the bargain and made my payments, the Bank of America bastards would keep their end of the bargain and leave my interest rate the same.

The best part: because my debt has increased I am a bigger risk, so they are raising my interest rate AND raising my payment. Does ANY ONE ELSE see a problem with this logic???

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  1. There is nothing ok about this. So Sorry.