Thursday, May 14, 2009

Randomness is my life.

So, Tuesday morning I woke up and walked into the TV room (behind Cat, the blur at the bottom of the picture to discover that my shelves had fallen during the night. Books everywhere. Quite the mess. That was the beginning of my crappyass day.
On the other hand, at least I'm not this poor woman. I went over to the parentals for Mother's Day. As I was getting out of my car, I saw this woman getting her FOUR children out of the car. I'm pretty sure they were born in one fell swoop. That woman must be very tired. Of course, she probably doesn't have the mother of all head wounds because while it was pouring down raining she ran to her car, flung the door open and wacked the Sheot out of her head.

Luckily the head wound was gone by the time I got to go to Jim's dinner party. His dining room looked fantastic, and the food was fabulous.
He didn't have cosmos but luckily I live near Kirby's which truly has the best cosmos in all of Dallas. Trust me. I've been doing A LOT of research into this to be certain. Speaking of restaurants in Dallas, if you go to Sevy's on Preston road (the place where I have been meeting the real estate boys once a week for freaking forever) you will see their copy of the real estate book on the wall, with a plaque with our names. Cause I'm a BAMF like that. In fact, my futures so bright, I gotta wear shades. Conveniently I have a lot of pairs of shades. Some might even suggest I have too many since currently, I can only comfortably wear one pair at a time. Is this some kind of weird obsessive compulsive thing? What is wrong with me that I have so many pairs of sunglasses? I should not need to ever buy sunglasses again. Please remind me of this should I be in your company and shopping for shades. Stop me. Please.

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  1. Of all the things you could be addicted to, sunglasses are pretty minor - and pretty cheap. LOVE the blue cat eyes!