Friday, May 1, 2009

Dating and shooting craps

So, I haven’t been blogging much lately because I’ve had a lot on my mind, but also because I couldn’t quite figure out how to blog about the things that have preoccupied me .

Dating is certainly a hot topic for the blog and for the twitter fans of the Diva. Ironically, the topic that provides such fodder for the fans is actually an activity that can be quite full of angst for the Diva herself. However long ago many of you dated, it’s changed, and not necessarily for the best. In addition, dating in your 40th year is a lot different than dating when you are in your 20’s or really even in your 30’s.

I’ve been in a bit of a dating funk because for the first time in a long time I liked a guy who didn’t like me back. What a bummer I say. In addition to that there have been some, how shall I put this, audience issues.

The best metaphor I have come up with so far is that dating, in so far as audience participation is a part of it, is like shooting craps. First, shooting craps is complicated, so it doesn’t easily explain itself, but dating is freaking complicated too. Second, a lot of the fun of shooting craps involves audience participation which, as it so happens, can also totally ruin a good evening of shooting craps.

Please, allow me to explain. Craps starts with a roll of the dice. Sometimes you “crap out” immediately with a 7 or 11. Dating is like that.

Craps is the most fun when everyone is standing behind the players cheering them on. Dating is a lot of fun when everyone is cheering you on too.

There are some craps players who bet with the House. The truth is betting with the House (or the no come line – no jokes please) is the safer bet. The odds of someone rolling a 7 or 11 BEFORE hitting the number he/she wants is much greater than the odds of hitting the number first. Quite frankly, dating is similar. There are a lot of people out there and every date is a crap shoot. Odds are any given date isn’t going to work out, but there is a lot of fun in the game especially if there are people cheering you on.

The game stops being fun when it seems like everyone around you is betting on the House. “Well, have you heard from the OLD one again,” (said in a highly derogatory tone) “Oh, he’s a loser,” “That one has a bad look about him,” “I told you there was something wrong with that guy.”

Really? Must the audience take something that is almost totally a game of chance but has the potential to at least be a little fun and sap that little bit of fun out of it? Must people make it more stressful than betting $100 that the next roll will be a 3? It makes me not want to say a word to anyone. No convo, no twitters, no blog posts. So, I have to ask people who want to know what is going on in the dating world of the Diva to please keep your negative comments to yourselves. I don’t need to hear them. I don’t want to hear them. I want to roll the dice and be able to laugh along the way and try to enjoy something that has huge potential to be an utter misery.

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