Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hello my name is super freak

So, Thursday night I got to go out with a new one. 10 to be exact. The professor. Good looking, funny, intelligent: he hit the triumvirate without even trying.

Good looking? Let me be specific, tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, built. BAM. Uber hot. I can't go out with a man that is this good looking. It's unnatural.

Funny? It's hard to keep up with him he is so funny. He thinks he's funny and he's not too worried if any one else thinks he's funny too. But he is funny, so it works.

Intelligent? Hellloooo PhD. Professor. And really interesting I might add. That's right, not boring intelligent, interesting intelligent.

Did I mention he may officially be the BEST kisser. EVER. EVER EVER???????

So, Thursday night we go to Chamberlain's and have a very nice dinner before going up to The Shops at Legacy for dessert. Since he is in town for a conference he already had meetings etc set up, so he came and picked me up this afternoon. We went out for dessert. (I think he might like desserts.) Then he had to head out to go to pre-arranged dinner with others. Unfortunate.

Date ended without a I'll call you, or let's do breakfast or anything like that. So it is entirely possible he thought my bathroom was disgusting (It might be) the dogs are way too crazed (they totally are) or that I am too something (Yes, those that love me and hate me can all agree that sometimes I am too something). I have no freaking idea. I can only let my little mind wander over the possibilities. I'm hanging out trying to control the urge to text him every 5 minutes, call him, facebook stalk him and hang out at his hotel all at once. Breathe in, Breathe out. Control the urge to be stalker girl. Actually if I showed up at his hotel, banged him and left he might go for that. Sigh. Such a bummer that I'm too much of a weenie not that type of girl.

There must be something wrong with him right? He can't hit the triumvirate without ever having been married and not have something wrong with him. I would just like to know what it is so that I can hang on to that while I fret. This is so annoying. I hate this part. This is when it totally sucks to be a girl. The waiting. Oh, the waiting.

Sigh. Ok, this is a night that might require drugs and alcohol legally authorized pharmaceuticals to sleep.

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