Sunday, December 21, 2008

Operation Marathon

First, I'd like to say that in my head I look like this when I run: Smooth, hot, totally like a runner. In reality I am afraid I am much more like this: What makes me think this? (Well, beside the fact that let's face it, I'm not a runner, so starting out without having run in forever, we KNOW I don't look pretty.) In addition I have some additional evidence. One run and I had to have leverage to sit on the potty. So, I know when I ran today, there was a slight hitch in my getalong.

Why did I run today? I ran today cause I got no sense like that.

Weather update: It is . . .what's the term. . . FREAKING COLD. I mean snot rolling out the nose but freezing before it drips cold. Burning in the lungs cold. Toes and fingers numb cold.

However, I would like to say that I ran a blazing 3 miles. Oh, fine, not blazing, but not humiliatingly slowly either. Took me a little bit longer than 30 minutes but not 45 so I'm still faster than some walkers. Baby steps, people, it's about baby steps.

Got home and took a hot bath to soak my legs. Put some stuff on my legs to try to ease the pain and sat my bad self down.

Again, cause I have no sense, I'm thinking I'll get up and run in the morning.

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  1. Yahoo for you!!!!! Go get some Epsom salts (from CVS or Target or someplace) and soak in a bath with them - it helps the sore muscles. Make sure you have running shoes that are fit for you (go to Lukes Locker and let them fit you in shoes - it is worth the money and you'll feel a lot better in well fit shoes.) yahoo for you!!!