Saturday, May 10, 2008

Save me from the hellion and her little companion

I now have a massive headache and another black eye. I was leaning down to pick something up, and Buddy was leaping to the sofa when we cracked skulls. So, my gift on mother's day is a shiner and a headache. Here, here to parent hood ; )

I headed out with the little monsters on our walk this morning when I realized it is the Swiss Avenue Mother's Day weekend tour. They behaved amazingly well. Of course, it helps that there were lots of people but, thankfully, few dogs.

I have been working on real estate pages today. (Yes, I know, big surprise there.) I'll go through the last of the spreads tomorrow and hopefully Kim can finish proofing. Then I'll print and send everything to Helen, the amazing, to final proof everything.

I still have a few more random spreads to work on, but I think I may actually pull this off. Singing Glory, glory Hallelujah.

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