Sunday, June 5, 2016

Whole 30

I've been staying at my friend Aimee's Casita (sounds fancy, doesn't it? It is). While here, she and her husband have been doing the whole 30 diet. Basically it is the paleo thing, meats, vegetables, fruits, no grains or anything fake.

There is no way I could do it right now, but I am sticking my feet in the water as it were trying to figure out what foods are in and what I like etc so that when I am finally in a house (soon Lord, please) I can JUST buy stuff that is paleo and do the diet. The two hardest parts could very well be the no alcohol and no cheese!

I've been surfing the net looking for recipes etc that I figured I could handle. So... stay tuned as I start getting closer to a 30 days of clean living and eating!

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