Saturday, November 23, 2013

I am...

Watching "Elementary" this morning as I get organized for my day and the immense amount of work I've set for myself to accomplish. Sherlock at the end is giving a speech about who he is saying he's neither proud of it nor does he apologize for it. I need to work on having the same response. I have been thinking a lot about that lately, especially after the chaos of the fight with PR and other things.

Both at school and in my personal life, there are times who I am is not what people think I should be. There are times who I am is almost shocking to others. That much honesty, that much unvarnished truth is not as appreciated as one might think.

I am honest. Sometimes painfully so. I am without a filter. I say things without thinking; sometimes just because I think I'm funny (turns out not always) and sometimes because I say the truth without remembing everyone doesn't want the truth.

I am a Christian. I don't always represent my believes well, I sometimes make choices that I regret because they don't serve God the way they should, but I am strong in my believes. I hope that I can become a better Christian day by day and that I can reveal my faith in ways that makes others want to know more and believe in God themselves.

I am a hard worker. Some might say I am a work horse. I am a believer in doing my best or doing nothing. I believe in that for those around me too.

I am a dog lover; much more than people. Many people know that. Some don't fully believe it until they spend some time with me.. then it becomes clear. On the upside I am loyal like the dogs I love.

I am an optimist. Even when I am I am speaking with the words of a realist or even a pessimist, I am still at heart optimistic. I do believe things work out the way they are supposed to work out.

I am dependable. I do what I say I am going to do. I am goal oriented. I like to be moving towards something. I like to feel like I am checking things off my list.

I am a teacher. That truly has been a gift from God. I don't know how he led me to this job, but I truly love what I do. I'm not always good at it. I make all sorts of mistakes, but I am always hoping to get better. I am always striving to be better.

I am, without a doubt, a work in progress. I am hoping that day by day I move closer to who and what I want to be at the end of the day.

I am not likely to change to any great degree. I am pretty much who I have always been. I am pretty much who I will alwasy be. I only hope that I can slowly become a better me.

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