Sunday, May 12, 2013

Quick Trip to San Francisco

Can't remember if I wrote about our journalism website which currently sucks. As does the iphone app. Mostly, to be honest, I blame the newspaper staff because they said they would take it over and be in charge. They took it over, but now it sucks. So, I've been working for months on what we need to improve it in general, to recreate the iphone app so it looks better and does what we want it to do and how to organize the staffs to make the whole thing function better.

Needless to say, I have been learning a lot. My brain, in general these days, hurts. I asked the principal if he would let me attend the spring national journalism convention to attend sessions and hopefully track people down who can help us. He said yes. Sadly, didn't work out as well as I might have hoped.

I had started feeling under the weather last Monday. By Thursday morning, things weren't looking all that great for me. I stopped off at Minute Clinic on the way to the airport to ask for anything they could give me to stave off the illness headed my way. Of course they said it was a cold and there wasn't jack diddly I could do. Fan freaking tastic.

By the time I arrived in San Francisco the mad blowing of my nose and throat itch were in full swing. My cousin GK picked me up (did I forget to mention the marvelous side piece was that I would get to see my cousin?) We picked up his fiancee and went to dinner. She chose a restaurant that is right on the water. It was AMAZING. So beautiful. We had a great time, and then they dropped me off at my hotel.

Friday was a misery. I went to sessions, but could feel myself getting sicker and sicker. I felt terrible for anyone who sat near me...they were in the path of disaster. I was a walking petrie dish of illness.

Friday afternoon I laid down in the hotel and pretty much didn't get up until Saturday morning. I went to a couple more sessions and then my cousin picked me up. He had talked to me Friday about checking out of the hotel early so that I could go to their house and be taken care of. THAT is love I tell you. So, we headed out to their house on the other side of the mountain in a town called Lafayette. (Side note: his ex lives in Lafayette... Louisiana.)

It was really lovely. Despite feeling miserably ill for most of the trip, I did get good information and I got to hang with my cousin. I'm crazy about his fiance and her kids. I can't wait for them to be official members of the family.

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